I have the recipe.
The recipe is pretty straight forward.  I got it off the website below.  The highlighted is our recipe add ons.  If you have less crawfish just reduce the other ingredients by the same ratio.  This is a good recipe for crabs and crawfish.  Shrimp you would cook for 3-4 minutes and only soak 5 minutes. 


Easy Boiled Crawfish

4 gallons water
1 73 oz. jar of Zatarain's Pre-Seasoned Crab Boil, Zatarains Proboil or Zatarains Boil Bags.  Any one will due,but I like the Proboil best.
2 1/2 lbs. small new potatoes, scrubbed and unpeeled. I also like using yellow butter potatoes they have a sweeter favor.
8-10 ears corn, 1-2 lbs mushrooms, 1-3 lbs sausage, 2-Onions, 3-5 lemons, several bay leaves, 1 bottle Louisiana hot sauce, 1-2 cups vinegar (helps with the peeling)
40 lbs. (1 sack) live crawfish

Pour live crawfish into a large tub and cover with water add 2 cups of salt; drain and repeat 3 to 4 times until crawfish are clean. Let them soak for about 5-10 minutes each time.  On the last cycle use fresh water.  Drain off water. Remove and discard any dead crawfish and debris. In a very large (about 15-gallon) pot, combine the 4 gallons water, (Zatarain's Pre-Seasoned Crab Boil/Zatarains Proboil or Zatarains Boil Bags), potatoes, squeeze the lemons into water, cut the onions into quarters, crushed the bay leaves, add the bottle of hot sauce, and vinegar . Bring to a boil over high heat and boil 5 minutes.  Next Stir in crawfish, sausage, and cover pot; once the pot returns to boiling add the corn and mushrooms and  let boil for 6-8 minutes. (Note: A little shortened boil time food poisoning/too long tough peeling crawfish)  Turn off heat and soak for 10-20 minutes. Drain and serve. Makes 8 to 10 servings.